The Missing Art

I’m sorry that I’ve been distant, it’s just that I’m trying to perfect the “Art of Missing Someone”. The way I see it if I practice enough it’ll be easier in the end. I’ll pull away when you kiss me, so that in a few months the absence of your lips against mine will go unnoticed. When you’re holding me as we sleep, I’ll move to the other side, so that when I’m sleeping alone my nights wont be so restless. I’m trying to find a way to mimic the feeling of having an ocean between us. I can pull away, or turn my head, but I’m afraid that nothing will equate to the feeling of having time pull at the pieces of myself I left attached to you. I’m going to be stretched out over a span of 5 months and I’m afraid that you’ll let go and I’ll buckle under the stress and be left a thin and wilted version of myself. So here I am practicing, hopelessly waiting for the moment when my confidence in your love for me is stronger than my fears, because in the moment when I hear your “i love you” as a fact, and not a question that is when I’ll have perfected the “Art of Missing Someone” 

Thick girls are the solution to world peace.

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My new response for white girls wearing earrings with their names in them “I’m sorry Ashley your name is not interesting enough to be written in gold”